About LupoTherm

We present achievements of space research for everyday life

3 cm of Lupotherm returns to 98% of the heat back


R = 10 m².K/W    (Lambda = 0,003 W/m.K)



Continuous quality guarantee.

Lupotherm ensures continuous operation. Even after a hundred years, its effectiveness diminishes. It is resistant to water, mildew, frost and high temperatures.


Higher efficiency of Lupotherm.

The greater the temperature difference, better insulating properties. On a hot summer day or during very heavy frosts in your home you feel comfortable while you get significant savings on energy for heating or air conditioning.


Healthy environment.

A unique feature is the ability to absorb electromagnetic fields. It creates a healthy environment that significantly strengthens the body immunity and allows a deeper and more restful sleep. Its production and recycling pollutes 500x less than other insulation materials.


Vapor permeable facade insulation.

Including the lining around doors and windows without thermal bridges - awarded in the competition “Product of the year 2011”.


Rafter roof insulation.

Without a thermal bridge.